Run your own Google type Search Engine


Having been involved with the internet for over 11 years we have seen a lot of changes and no more so than with search engines with the first one not arriving on the web until 1993 called ?Wanderer?. It wasn?t until the year 2000 that Google really came about as a serious search engine with Yahoo having been around for a while but still plying for position then Microsoft?s Bing being launched as recently as June 2009.


These days the internet has thousands of smaller search engines mainly specialising in their own field such as music, games, entertainment, books, blogs, file sharing and so on but did you know that many search engines of today use Yahoo or Google data to power their results but even more surprisingly Google now takes 84% of the market with Yahoo having just a 6% share


Google is the biggest player today but think about this, Yahoo still remains a massive driving force in terms of people who use and advertise on their search engine and receive well over One Hundred Million visits each DAY. Not bad with just a 6% share of the market.(worldwide) with their yearly advertising revenue bringing them in nearly 7 Billion Dollars mainly from their Banner and Pay per Click System.                                                       


Now wouldn?t you mind a small slice of that revenue and better still be in control of how much people pay you. If you have ever used Google?s Adwords then you will know they tell you how cheap it?s going to be to advertise with them only to sting you with a £5 set up charge after you have put your funds in then you need to bid to get your site seen in their ?sponsored section? with top search terms costing you over £1 per click and by the end of the first day you have already used up £50, no wonder they are making money. What they don?t tell you is that most clicks don?t even come from their Google engine as they don?t have the space therefore they outsource it and anyone with a website can put Google ads on it and receive a revenue from people clicking these ads, that?s why you come across so many bad sites on the internet full of Google ads, the site owner gets a share of revenue but not nearly as much as Google gets.

The internet has over one billion people making searches and many are quite willing to use smaller search engines where they can get from A-Z with as little distraction as possible and advertisers are turning to these smaller engines because they know their advertisements are not going to be put on any rubbish website, this leaves a lot of room for general and specialised search engines to step in and make some serious money.


Your Own Search Engine

We at have developed such a search engine powered by Google and Yahoo search results, in other words if someone did a search say for Business Opportunities, Restaurants, Cars, Games or anything else our search engine would show the same results as if you were using Google or Yahoo as the search source is the same. Best of all if you have a website already and are having trouble getting visitors then there is no better way of advertising it than by placing your own advert in Adserver(you don't pay)so your engine always displays it when people make searches, just think about what I have said.

So What do you get

Search Engine is the most powerful, affordable, flexible, feature rich, customizable meta search engine available anywhere. It comes preloaded with 12 of the most popular searches on net, including Web, Images, Video, News, Sports, Audio, Forum, Blog, Kids, Dictionary, Wiki, PDF which you can enable or disable as you wish. It allows your visitors to choose their desired language (14 languages by default) and choice of theme in which they want to see your search engine. Apart from the default engines, new engines can be added based on themes which would allow it to run like fully featured search engines very similar to yahoo, google etc or a niche search engine according to your requirements.


Search Engine allows your visitors to choose the languages in which they want to use your search engine, as like in Google. Your Search Engine is preloaded with 14 languages. You may easily add and manage more languages from your admin area.


Our System helps you to run your search engine without worrying about legal issues. We have installed technology in our engine mechanism, which helps you to integrate major engine searches with YahooI, Google, Youtube etc. and even allows for integration of eBay and Amazon using codes that will earn you commissions from each sale.


Engine Display Style: In order to meet your timely demands on look and feel, we have decided to be more flexible in the way your search engine is represented to the public. You can configure your engine display style from your admin area in four styles. You may specify whether it need to be tabs, text links, drop downs or radio buttons.

Keyword Suggestion : Helps your user to find out the correct term they are searching for, while they type the keyword in search box, as in Google. Your Engine allows you to turn on/off the keyword suggestion with each installed search engine(Google or Yahoo for example).

Seasonal Logo: Start a seasonal tradition for the your Search Engine. Show seasonal logo on your home page, as in google or create your own seasonal logos.


Your search engine will also come with a powerful PayPerClick (PPC) Adserver program which is fully customisable and  works almost similar to Google adwords allowing advertisers to advertise their products and service on your engine using text or banner ads through an automatic interfase.


Adserver will be set up to allow advertisers to register their account and pay for their advertising through an automated payment processing system and you get to keep all of your advertising revenue, there will be different methods to take payment from your advertisers such as Cheque, Bank, Paypal and Credit Card or you can disable cheque/bank payment if you prefer just Paypal and Credit Card.


Now for the interesting part of Adserver, it also allows other website owners who wish to join your PPC program as Publishers in the same way as Google does, you allow them to put PPC Ads on their sites for them to earn a percentage of revenue. The advantage of this is reaching a much larger customer base with you controlling how much of a percentage your Publishers can earn and you pocket the rest without any extra effort.


The PPC program is completely template driven and can be changed by look and feel. It comes with advanced statistics option to track clicks, impressions, Click through rate(CTR) and profit. It is a perfect PPC solution which meets all Pay Per Click advertising needs with full control over Ads to be able to approve them prior to publication by the search engine owner who we will refer to as Admin.


Admin of Adserver can manage advertisers in a better way by viewing the profile of advertisers which contains information about ads posted by the advertiser, click statistics of the advertiser and fund history. Also admin has the option for adding fund to advertiser's bonus/account balance(bonus) and can also send emails to each advertiser.


The Adserver has a built in anti-fraud system which is capable of identifying repeated clicks with an admin area to check how many repetitive clicks there are in a specified time period. It will allow a particular visitor to click on a particular ad only once in a day.(This time period is configurable). Subsequent clicks will not be counted as valid clicks. But visitors may click on a separate ad and it will be counted as valid. As the quality of clicks are very important, advertisers will love to post their ads again and again in this professional advertising service.


When launching your search engine it is suggested you use take full advantage of installing Google Ads until you start receiving private advertising and we will gladly set this up for you as it will make your engine have that professional touch and earn you some money in the process.


Limited Number of Search Engines

At this time we are programming just 10 of these high technology search engines with the built in Adserver and are offering you the opportunity to *partner with us in this project, we make our share from displaying a small amount of our own advertising on the search engine and in turn we will customise it to your own style logo as indeed Google or Yahoo have done. *This search engine will be owned by you subject to our advertising being allowed.


Your Search Engine will have the capacity to be used by millions of people making daily searches and advertisers who want to find a better way to sell their products being powered by both Google and Yahoo search technology. It comes fully set up and only needs your personal touch and any adjustments you may want to make through the Admin area.


Amazon and Ebay

Incuded in your Search Engine are Amazon and Ebay search facilities for which you will be able to install some coding and earn a commission each time someone makes a purchase through them and you do nothing more but count your earnings.


A large percentage of advertisers are getting fed up with the big search engines ripping them off so if you play fair on advertising cost then you will receive a very good income whereas the PPC section will take care of itself as people bid for keywords(this alone is a huge revenue source), they will keep coming back and your reputation will grow as a serious search facility to use.


Expected earning on year one would be in the region of £40,000 with no limit to how much you will make although don?t expect Yahoo?s 7 Billion Dollars just yet.


Your search engine will come fully operational and we include free lifetime technical assistance* with Domain Name of your choice, 12 months of hosting, 2nd year hosting cost being around £200    


Take a look a few other features that come with your search engine Click Here          


*technical assistance may be charged if you damage any programming

Take a look at a few of the features available to the public:

Web, image and news search
Video search
Sport, audio, forum, kids, dictionary, wikipedia searches
Blog search
Amazon Search
Ebay Search
Country based search
Mobile Phone Version
Search engine in multiple languages
Search with foreign language keywords
Advanced search
Spelling sugestión
View full size image from image results page
Keyword Sugestion
Seasonal Logo(just like Google)

Search engine look can also be customised by users

























The Prohits Search Engine includes the following Languages: English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Russian, Arabic, Tamil, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) Thai, Romana, Turkish, Hindi, Malayalam and Idonesian


Advertiser Key features

Easy Account Registration

Account registration bonus.

View bonus balance/account balance separately.

Create/Manage Text/Banner/Catalog Ads

Preview ads.

Create WAP targetted ads.

Quick search using ID

Unlimited keywords for each ad.

Separate click bid values for each keyword.

Adserver suggested optimal click values for keywords.

Monthly budget limit for ads.

Target ads to geographical locations.

Advanced statistics including CTR

Advertiser can view graphical statistics for each ad.

Advertiser can view geographical click statistics.

Graphical overall statistics.

Check/bank payment option for advertisers. Advertisers can pay in system currency or local currency.

Easy and secure automated paypal payment gateway to add funds.

View fund history

Priority email support desk for support and assistance



Screen Shot of customised search engine having 14 languages and showing advertising on home page

You will be able to customise your own search engine

Screen Shot of search engine in action with Adserver


Screen Shot of the simple Admin area although there is no need to make any alterations to your search engine unless you require to as it comes fully set up and working

We are only producing an initial 10 of these Search Engines and orders will be taken on first come basis.

Cost to Purchase your personal Search Engine

Total cost including installation of Search Engine with Adserver, registration of Domain Name, Hosting for 12 Months is £5000 with payment spread over two years as follows:

Initial deposit £1500 

Approval deposit £1500

Balance in 12 months of £2000


Please note that if you are interested then you will need to speak with us for availability prior to sending a deposit payment.

Contact us with your order questions


On receipt of your order we start the programming work and personal design then present you with the final project for your approval prior to launch on the internet.